What if you need a longer run?

Here is an enquiry just in:

I am a turf manager in Auckland. I have a question regarding the belt length. The belts come in either 10m or 5.8m, is there any way to attach the belts? What if you need a longer run? Do you guys deliver to New Zealand? I would like to trial the product in a small scale. Thanks

We often get this sort of question.My reply:

Thanks for the enquiry.

Just quickly, there are two ways to have longer runs of Capiphon drainage:

  • As 10m lengths running on a slight slope into a PVC (DWV) collector pipe in a herring-bone pattern. The collector pipes would be spaced 20m apart and could run indefinitely.
  • As short pieces inserted vertically into a PVC pipe. We call this an intercept drain and, again, the collector pipes can be of indefinite length.

You can see how to do it at:

I have copied this email to our NZ Distributor, but would be happy to call you and have a chat about your situation.