Will the tiny grooves in Capiphon block with mineralized groundwater?

I had an URGENT inquiry from an engineer in New Zealand worried about the danger of dissolved mineral salts in groundwater – such as iron, calcium and manganese – forming deposits and blocking the Capiphon grooves.

Hu Ming Chun, the inventor of Capiphon recalled that he had overseen the installation of Capiphon in a hot-springs area at the University of the Arts in Taiwan.  One Capiphon Pipe was installed for every 2-3 conventional slotted pipes.(The supervising engineer was cautious!!!)

When he revisited the site some 4 years later, clear water was flowing from the Capiphon Pipes whereas the conventional slotted pipes were not flowing,   Interestingly, reddish-brown salt deposits were forming as the mineraized water mixed with the open air.You can see the full Case Study at New and Existing Retaining Walls